Life lesson: Don't throw away your "old" marketing content

Reduce, reuse, recycle… your work product.

I can't deny that I'm as afflicted by Shiny Object Syndrome as the next person, if not more so. I love working on new stuff! There's nothing better than the blank slate. Projects are my love language.

But I've learned — through the power of repeated mistakes — to not let it rule me to the degree that I devalue and throw away good things I made just because they're "old" and therefore no longer new and exciting and full of dopamine.

Case in point: It's December 1st and I just relaunched Freelancember, a 31-day advent calendar for freelancers.

The singular goal for Freelancember? Spread the word about Noko, my time sheets app.

And it's been doing it for 12 years. Twelve!

original tweet with me announcing Freelancember, Dec 3, 2010

Sure, it's gone through a couple minor refreshes, and moved email platforms at least once (now at Convertkit, natch)… but otherwise? Unchanged.

It still gets open rates in the 30-50% range.

Because freelancers and clients — aka people — don't really change. And therefore freelancing troubles don't change much, either.

So yeah, sometimes old is tired and dusty, boring and pointless.

But often, old is gold.