The Reverse-Frankenstein will help you pump up your flabby writing

Together, Alex and I have coined The Reverse-Frankenstein:

You RF when you've created a single large piece of content that has too many competing goals and content "tracks," so you hack it apart at the joints to produce several standalone pieces which are stronger, crispier, & more pointed/satisfying.

Right now I am RF-ing the current final email in the new launch•ftw course (née Year of Hustle).

The current email, as written, has waaaay too many things going on:

  1. sums up progress so far
  2. positions launch as important / mini product itself
  3. busts the “launch day” myth
  4. says you need a plan
  5. sells the idea of backwards planning
  6. sells JFS
  7. talks about the specific elements needed for successful launch
  8. finally looks at that part of the roadmap in detail

Toooo, tooooooooo much!

This is going to turn into three emails:

  1. Sum up progress, talk about elements of successful launch, look at roadmap in detail, end on fill-in-the-blank exercise.
  2. Intro backwards planning as the "hidden framework" in our launch roadmap, and talk about why it's so much better. End on a backwards planning exercise. Link JFS.
  3. Bust the launch day myth, frame it as taking the pressure off doing this "perfectly" and the opportunity to make this the first launch of many. End on a "calibrate your success" exercise.

I'm a big believer in chopping. Murder your darlings, and dismember them too! Because sometimes the whole is less than the parts.