My first LinkedIn talk, part 1: Planning

So the title of my very first LinkedIn talk* is Profitable Project Prioritization — because who doesn't love a little alliteration, amirite?

(* I'm canceling the word 'webinar' in 2023; it's time)

Talking things over with my LinkedIn coach, he explained that I shouldn't use the same super educational, focus on you format I usually use for such a thing outside of LinkedIn.

He said, "people want to know who you are and what you do and why."

I'm not really trying to sell folks on Noko subscriptions, I'm looking for potential channel sales partners, that sorta thing. And they're looking for opportunities.

Therefore I'm not doing the super cazh barely-sell-at-all type of ebomb because the audience isn't the same.

Audience really is the alpha and the omega.

This is the super rough outline (more of a framework) we came up with:

  1. Proper introduction of me & who I am/why I'm giving this talk, what Noko is
  2. Business advice HEAVILY BLENDED WITH where did Noko come from, what Noko is, where it’s going, WHY, etc.
  3. Open for collaboration, want to talk to you and connect with more agency owners and others, here’s my email address / calendly, let’s chat (about whatever)

It's the last part that gives me mild shivers tbh. But I am dedicated to giving this the ol' college try* and setting aside time every Thursday for meetings.

(* I did try college; I was bored to death, hated it, and quit)

In my next post, I'll share how I'm filling out this framework.