Don't make this domain name mistake!

Try. Get. Use. Send. Let's.

Do not put these words at the beginning of your domain name in order to secure the dot com. Just don't do it!

mini screenshot of an app called Potion but the domain name is Send Potion dot com. Argh.

Take it from me, who had one of those domains for over a decade. And one who regularly wants to scream aloud when I try manually enter the URL for some product I use . This rant brought to you by… an app I pay for.

I — and every other user! — want to type the product name and have the domain name autocomplete.

Putting a random word ahead of your name breaks this pattern. It forces us to try to remember which goofy ass verb the product owner compromised on.

Sometimes, before our rebrand, I could barely remember it for my own product.

And I'm the product owner who picked that goofy ass verb!

The X + Name format creates a source of friction and irritation every time the customer tries to use your product. Every time, a bad feeling. That's the exact opposite of what you want!

And, of course, it resulted in years of people calling our product Let's Freckle instead of Freckle. This exact problem is one of the reasons I was eager to rebrand. Now the name comes first:

The word you use at the end, if you have to, almost doesn't matter, just make it short.

Trust me on this one.

It's a mistake I only made once.

Here's hoping I can prevent another budding entrepreneur from making it.